Mistake of my life
hello was hard

didnt know what to say
you looked at me
but i looked the other way

i blushed every time i saw you
u talked to me everyday
u smiled u laughed u cared
didnt want me to look away

u finally talked to me and made me ya friend
we promised each other our friendship would never end
dont know why but after some time
you stopped talking to me and left me cryin

you went too far snapping all the cords
you left me in a quandry why you behaved so odd
do tell me if i was a bad friend
do tell me if you expected something more
do tell me everything thats on ya mind
do tel me and please dont ignore

dont you remember how we used to play
when i was about to leave 
 you always wanted me to stay
dont you even recollect those days 
dont you even retrospect those days

though i wish you all the success in life
and pray that your life always go great guns
but i want u to know that
the word "friend" itself now scares me 
and i am wary of making new ones


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