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NO creation in this world is a Lone effort...A 10 rs worth comment...and so is the one to follow...
You just can't escape through the memories of your 1st love...IT is well said that the 1st cut is the deepest...but its the 1st dat you remember...you should always appreciate d fact that it was your maiden love relation even if it hurts.. I wont go as far to say - Oh! I was in love with her and she broke my heart..rather i hold on to that , the phase when i was in love with her.. and i wud share only dose beautiful days if ever 'm asked to..
I wonder how easily people say that dey were our past... but they dnt noe somewer deep inside the heart dey still last..
We hate them rather we want to..but our mind and heart neva let us dat to do...
Instead they bring dose bundle of moments.. gud and touching..which at some corner dispose dat feeling..
Perhaps our heart love them today also...and against the most lovable organ, We just cant go.. :(
over the river of memories our emotions sail..
my head still retains the madness of that cocktail.. :)


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