:luv on GTalk

The anticipation after friend request
The fear on rejection and feeling of unrest

That wait for your first :hi
the feeling of divinity and glitter in eyes

then those first questions about your crush
First compliment on your pic and your :blush

Chats got longer and days shorter
Emotions erupted and feelings smothered

Those early :gm and late gudnite
First revelations about your personal life

Those increasing comforts and decreasing distances
Fading relations wid frns and then the academic consequences

Everything, it seemed so divine
The cupid dancing and those feelings pristine

Then just before vacation that accidental :imu
Her promise to miss me, and from me to miss her too

Then that emotional chat and final propose
that feeling of missing :ring and :rose

Then those late night :call and long walk
This is my story of :luv on GTalk


rishi said...

good work keep it up....felt like....it was my story...!!!!!!

just4wellas said...

the poem i can never relate to, but still like has to be this one

Rhitiman said...

very nice ,really feeling nostalgic about dose days. ;).....actually u r d only poet i like .u know na my hatred for oder bloggers :P......neways gr8 poems buddy nicejob

Kushal Arora said...

how is this possible ki Ill not be aware og ur hatred towrds other bloggers...........esp one who write poems....:)

Harshit said...

well thts wat we can call a blend of poetry nd technology.....in deeper sense it reflects the catchin up trend of e-relationships!! grt work bhai.......u deserve a treat......coz its a vry touchin poem for who has really xperienced :luv!!

Anonymous said...

hmm i think i knw who its xactly dedicated to ;) nd i hope :luv actually works out! in anycase..love all ur poems!.. really nicee...

$$$$$ said...

:D :D :D ....and it :luv ka climax poora ho chuka hai ...:clap :P

Anonymous said...

haha....i only wonder...is this frm :xperience
:? :?

Ananonymouspoet said...

Koi nahi.. regarding this ill keep you guessing.. hehe

Anonymous said...

nice one.....

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