With an hour to live

With an hour to live, I ll take you in my arms,
Will touch your hairs and will kiss your lips
Will tell you all I have been hiding
Will tell you how it feels

Taking you on a long drive
Will recite all the poems I have been writing for you for long
In midst of dim light and music
We will dance to the tunes of your favorite songs

Will then sit dumb in front of you
Gasping the depth of your eyes
Will tell you what you mean to me
Will tell you the stories of those sleepless nights

Then dipping you in chocolate tub
Will drape you in costliest clothes
Dunno how I will do this
But this much I know, to you I owe

With time rushing by
Ill be quite again
Will let the silence take over n tell
love ill have for you if I get a chance to live again

With last few minutes left
I will take yout to a cliff
With an adieu kiss andI love you
Ill jump off with a smile coz I know
I lived my last hour to live.

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Harshit said...

nice thoughts!!! it seems tht u have been workin on this poem for a while as far as i remember......but make sure u spare sumtym for me too!!

Kushal Arora said...

ya....bein honest it is one of the most spl poems......which till date was neglected by ppl.........may be to others it may not sound very relevant but I hold this poem quite close to my heart........nywayz thanks don for taking out time for commenting on each and every poem.....will try n carry on with writing...thanks once again

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