The Hero

Before getting on with the poem i would like to tell u this poem n the basic idea is not mine......I read a similar sort of poem in some magazine around 4-5 yrs ago which really touched me, but then i somehow lost it n since then despite of various tries in dint get it, so finally i decided to re create this poem this is a little effort to convey the idea of that great thinker in my own give ur views

Seprated by a shallow river, swift and vast
Were the land of happiness and sorrow agast.

The people from land of sorrow wanted to crossover.
To make thie lives worthy and to prosper.

Many a brave tried thier heart out
To build a bridge and let the dismay fade out.

None of thm ever succeeded, many a attempts occured
Centuries past, the vison still was blurred.

Then came one day, a saviour, they called him the hero
He took the charge , it seemed it was destined so.

The bridge was built and then came the ultimate fall
He died to the river, sacrificing himself for all.

Happiness and morse both were all over the town
The bridge was forgotten, an adjective made out of noun.

None remembered the path shown, but he was made the lord
The sorrow remained there forever, but cameth out of it was another god.


Harshit said...

well....thnx for bringing out the story behind the origin of this word!! a hero is alwayz required to bring about a change.....the most attractive thing tht i find about the works of this poet is tht the words he use r so simple tht neone can understand thm easily......xcellent work...keep it up...

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