Walking down the memory, u wonder what u gained n what u lost
You painted the world red, its an achievement.... but at ur own cost
Lost is that innocence, lost is that laughter
You urself are lost, it was then n there after
When u killed the child inside u, n planned to grow up
When u said no to childish nonsense, n to giggles shut up
You turned diplomatic, a double face person
Killed the taught values, n still searching for the reason
You want get back, n be the free bird again
You want to live the life, n fly again
You want to relive the cherished dreams again, but find a blurred vision
Its the glares of reality ,n again you postpone ur decision
The cobwebs get more denser, gettin u more engulfed then ever
Then the dream a moment ago, n now it will be achieved never
Some caring for position,some for power n some for wealth
Ask me what i m up to ....... "i m in search of self......i m in search of self"


just4wellas said...

yaar..... truely...[b]" poem wahi jo reader mann bhaye "[/b]....
dont know about others this poem truely defines me.

Harshit said...

this innocence is brilliant...hope tht ever stays!! the loss of human values.....the poet has been successful in convincing ppl tht wat they really require is the search of self.....the way ppl change wid tym shedding their true self is pathetic....the only way to achieve happiness is to search self nd be satisfied.....this is wat this poem forces u to contemplate on....

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