Wish i could 4get u

Wish i could 4get uwish i could forget you
  i wish i had never met you
  i would never cry when you didnt pick up my calls
 i would never curse my life that seemed like cages walls
  i would never weep inside when u werent there 4 me
 i wouldnt care 2 tell u my happy sorrow moments and would let it be
  i wouldnt need ur help nor ask u what to do
 i wish only if i could forget you
  i'd never have to pretend 2 be happy outside when you turned your back
 i'd never pray that it was ur call, everytime my phone rang
  it would never matter to me whenever you said adieu
 i would never want you to know that my platonic affection for you has always been true
  but i only wish if i could forget you
 yes i do wish if i could forget you


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