Why do I miss you???

why do i miss u?
  even more than you do
 although my mind is overwhelmed with several such questions
  but my heart has never been sceptical
  heart does not believe on my own mind
  that demands my heart to be practical
 my heart indifferent to my own mind, is unwaveringly loyal to you
 it wants to be ignorant and blissful than know whats true
  it undignifies the very question in my mind 'why i miss you'
 you dont have attachment for my heart and its gonna cry when it realises this
  but my heart is smart and perhaps knows that ignorance itself is bliss
 so it ignores when you dont call and all the misbehaviour you do
and then it believes the otherwise implausible clarification that afterwards ensue
 i dont know if you have attachment for me and i dnt know whats true
  i neither know nor want to know why do i miss you
  why do i miss you


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