Cosmos Conspires.......A different take

Before getting on with the poem , I would like to tell you that it was supposed to be comment to poem by JUST FOR WELLAS......cosmos conspires but again I ended up uploading the request is please read the original cosmos conspires before getting on with this one

Please Do leave your comments about both the poems

When alone in pensive mood I sit back to analyze

Why this happens to me, just me...each and every time

Why I end up losing the war I think I should have won

Why every time I am a mere spectator when someone else as a king is sworn

Why this injustice happens just to me

Can I ever get the opportunity to be lucky and thank the almighty

I have heard fortune favors’ the brave

I have been courageous just to see the same result

Just to end up at my dreams grave

May be lucky are those who end up being lucky

It’s nothing I can sort out; it’s indeed a cosmic conspiracy

But again introspection tells me I have really been a loser all trough out

I have lived in a Utopian world killing all inner questions, crushing all doubts

I have rarely being honest to thyself, leave apart the world

Always believed in what I wanted to, never accepted the facts that I should

But this self realization fades out, unachievable dreams are set again and for them I aspire

Again I know I will fail ending up saying it’s not my fault….it’s the way cosmos conspires


just4wellas said...

i compelled you to write cosmos conspires-II ;) .....

ZomBIe said...

ya indeed u did.... ;)

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