A Born Loser

I know the pain is immense
Seeing me quit like this
But I really wanna tell you mumma
I can never do better than what I did

I realize the dream you had for me
To reach the zenith, to touch the sky
But I have fallen at every step taken
I have felt weaker with every try

Despite being shattered inside,I always hid my tears
But believe me at every loss, I truly wanted to cry
I feared you being broken,so just for your sake
Putting up a brave face, I always gave an another try

Chasing your dreams all throughout
I feel I somehow lost myself
Quest for your mirage is killing me now
Your shoes are too big for me,m sorry I can't help

I have seen the pain in your eyes
Whenever I was on a losing spree
But now its time to accept m ain't special
Its time to let me free

Let me have a dream for myself
Let me discover the real inner hidden me
Let me feel the zahir that you felt once
Let me be the man I wanted to be

Let me touch the air,
Let me feel the rain
Let me not have the fear of failure
Let me not have the losers pain

Let life not be for once
A winner's or loser's game
Let me accept my mediocrity
For once being common not be a shame

I wanna tell you for once and all
As of our destiny we are not the choosers
I am a commoner , no superhuman
May be in your words, I am just one of those


ellora said...

Hmmmmmm very common isssue yet most unspoken concept. This is the case of most of the children who runs behind smthng which they do not dream of & end up messing wid thr lyf. Very nicely portrayed the feeling & dared to speak out abt the commoness within. I really appreciate ur wrk.

$$$$$ said...

i read ur poem nd first reaction ws...no mom thinks that way... but then... realized 2 mints later..its kinda true.. jst that mums wud have never seen this side of her child's heart..if she ever does..she wud think twice before dreaming for her child.. nwyz..giving both mom nd child the liberty to dream... (who am i to say!!)...gr8 work :)

Parth Banerjee said...

well written man...a very good portray of a son repeatedly trying to climb the zenith just for the sake of his parents' wishes and expressing his plethora of pain by not being able to do so...splendid job Kushal!!the problem faced by a child of overambitious parents is superbly displayed...
Thumbs Up for you...

just4wellas said...

yaar...... every word, it appears to me, exemplifies my life.... too good....

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