Her Tears

Her Tears

Drop by Drop They came from her eyes
Like shining pearls from the shore nearby
A drop which is itself so dry
Can't imagine the sorrow it carries thy .

These drops are not a mere cry
But deep within lies avery great pain
A pain tht is lost smwhr
But it's effect will last forever.

Tears are said to relieve the pain
I hope her smile is back again
Her laughter that made the world so full
Her joy that blossomed my life.

Am I the reason for her pain
Am I the one who has rekindled it again
Oh! god pardon me if it's so
Don't Punish her for my sin .

You may see those tears in her eyes.
But it is my heart that cries
My heart That Re- lives her pain
That sorrow That Cry again.

By - "The Anagram Law"


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