My second "FIRST DATE"

My second "FIRST DATE"

As soon as i held two's soft hand
flashbacks came from past.
When i was looking in one's eyes
and then passionately asked
"can i be your boyfriend
would you be my life's part"
"it depends" she  said, "my rose red"
"on how much time you wanna make it last"

Confidently, I said forever dear
For you i will be there
coz I m in love with u honey
and i like it when you are here

i dont believe it honey, she snapped
it is just not possible
in this era of flings and blings
time for love is not plausible

more than pleasure, love pains, insane
heart hurts too much when dumped
so dont listen to what heart says, in first place
let it be just another pump

lets have a fling 
in this era of blings
dont you see its cool
you dont want to get hurt
 u are a stud
now dont make yourself a fool

but what you think, my rosy pink
will go different between us two
after fling or before fling
it'll be same me and you

NO, she said , u empty head
things will change for sure
It will be us not me not u
but only till relation matures

"your wish oh miss" said i confused
but what you thing we'll do
In this era of flings and blings
tell me what occurs to you

we'll go on date
she said, my mate
and watch movies together
we'll chat on phone
from dusk to dawn
but dont you make it forever

i followed one, i thanked her tonne
and my first one lasted for four months
now i'm on second with two, to be true
and i have fibbed to her that she's the first one.

On shall go my quest for love
and so shall my first dates
after one, twos threes will come
and it'll go on more than eight........


Anonymous said...

hehe...the humour is well put ....

रविकर said...

आगामी शुक्रवार को चर्चा-मंच पर आपका स्वागत है
आपकी यह रचना पर देखी जा सकेगी ।।

स्वागत करते पञ्च जन, मंच परम उल्लास ।

नए समर्थक जुट रहे, अथक अकथ अभ्यास ।

अथक अकथ अभ्यास, प्रेम के लिंक सँजोए ।

विकसित पुष्प पलाश, फाग का रंग भिगोए ।

शास्त्रीय सानिध्य, पाइए नव अभ्यागत ।

नियमित चर्चा होय, आपका स्वागत-स्वागत ।।

डॉ. रूपचन्द्र शास्त्री मयंक (उच्चारण) said...

आप बहुत अच्छा लिखते हो!
हिन्दी में लिखिए।

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