The final ditch(A Conversation with destiny)

I have been trying to run away from the truth
But see the irony of life, m standing once again
Again face to face, eyes in eyes
In front of you destiny

Lost, tormented, insulted and jinxed
I have faced you at every turn about
Just to take another wrong lane in life
Just again to be left out

Hundreds and thousands of face offs,
I have always been a loser
I have to give way to you always
Of my fate I seldom became the chooser

But with this final attempt
You will be defeated and I will bring you down
I’ll conquer you, making my own ways
I will be the one wearing the winning crown

Forging my own ways to success
I’ll be the one to be hailed
I’ll achieve the zenith without you
Setting up the new goals and destinations
I’ll be the one trailed

Ill render you meaningless
With efforts will achieve my due
Ill become the person I want to be
And it will be without you

Dreams will show me the way
Conquest is this time the goal, not the strife
Ill prosper, I’ll succeed
With my determination and spirit
I’ll break these shackles of jinx
I’ll break free of misfortunes of life


Anonymous said...

first of all...about the first look...i love your i'm wondering y did i move to wordpress...lolz...
gettn down to business...awesome dear....i wud say this one smthing i wud love to read again n again....probably coz no matter wat phase of lyf u r in...u always do feel defeated...lolz
hats off...i never knew u wrote so well...n then sm1 says he doesnt understand philosophy :P

Anonymous said...

awesome poem yaar!!!!!!!!!!!
my favorite poet has been vikram seth and now it has to be you Dr. Kushal

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